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A fully funded, 3.5 year PhD position is available on a project entitled "Divergent networks". 

Broad classes of network models, like small-world networks and scale-free networks, have taught us much about the world. But we suspect a major class of networks has been missed. This project will introduce and explore a new class of model weighted networks, “divergent” networks, in which the structure described by the links and their weights do not match. Most theoretical work on weighted networks assumes that they do, so little is known about the properties of these divergent networks. We will close that gap by quantifying the existence and extent of divergence in a range of real-world networks, including brain connectomes at both single neuron and inter-area level; by creating generative models for these networks; and by exploring how divergence alters a network’s dynamics across a range of dynamical systems implemented on the nodes, including neural models.

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Any queries? Pop an email to Professor Humphries 

Deadline: 29th July 2022